Download Webinar: EC-Drill® - Discover the easier approach to MPD

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This is the first in a series of three MPD focused webinars from Enhanced Drilling. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How EC-Drill® offers an easier approach to MPD

  • What will EC-Drill® do for me?' The issues it addresses (narrow windows, depleted reservoirs, gain /loss detection, casing design, ROP, mud losses, horizontal reach)

  • Benefits of using the system

  • How EC-Drill® enables ECD management, makes extended reservoir exposure possible, is an enabling technology in complex formations, reduces mud losses

  • HSE benefits: mud barrier intact, statically overbalanced, ‘business as usual’ procedures, fail-safe and early kick detection


The presenter is Dave Smith, EDR US Operations Manager. Dave is based in Houston, Texas and has 26 years industry experience, mainly in drilling and workovers for service companies and operators. He is a Texas A&M University graduate with a BSc in Petroleum Engineering.


Download The Webinar Here

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