Webinar: EC-Drill® - EC-Drill® Proven Benefits

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This is the second in a series of three MPD focused webinars from Enhanced Drilling.

In this webinar, you will learn from case histories taken from our EC‑Drill® global operations, covering the following:

  • Instant Kick Detection™
  • Cementing without losses
  • Eliminating mud losses 
  • Salt Exit in GoM and unknown pressure regimes
  • Tripping and running casing faster and avoiding losses
  • Curing losses while drilling through faults and fractures
  • Navigating narrow drilling windows 

We will also cover additional advantages gained from planning your next well with EC-Drill®, including:

  • Drilling in depleted reservoirs and extending field life
  • Simplifying your casing design and reducing number of strings
  • Drilling even longer Extended Reached wells and increasing the pay zone


The presenter is Eric Claudey, Senior Drilling Engineer, Enhanced Drilling. Eric is based in Straume, Norway and has 15 years of oilfield experience. He is a Lousiana State University graduate with a MSc in Mechanical Engineering


Download and Watch The Webinar Here

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