Case Study: RMR® – US Gulf of Mexico

Learn how the RMR® system helped minimise risks in an area known for shallow geo-hazards. Some problems anticipated were deep water, unstable turbidite formations, shallow water flows (pressured sands), shallow gas sands (overpressured) and Reactive clays (‘gumbo’). 

  • CHALLENGE: Minimize risks when drilling a hole in an area know for geo-hazards.

  • SOLUTION: The RMR® system was successfully implemented at a water depth of 2,034ft (620m). For Krakatoa, the deepest ‘over-the-side’ RMR® job to date, 4 stages (in series) were needed. 

  • RESULTS: RMR® handled 14.3ppg (1.7SG) mud in 2,034ft (620m) water depth. 22” casing cemented successfully at 3,140ft (960m) below mudline (best in class for area). Mud discharged was <10% of PAD.

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Enhanced_Drilling_RMR_case_study_6-LOREM IMSPUM