Case Study: RMR® – INPEX, Browse Basin

The Grebe sand in Australia’s Browse Basin has caused drillers major problems in the past due to the tendency of unconsolidated soft sands  falling into the wellbore. This slumping caused pack-offs and stuck pipe, which can prevent casing being run to depth. Learn how this problem was solved using RMR® services. 

  • CHALLENGE: Pack-offs caused by unconsolidated soft sands falling into the wellbore, preventing casing being run to depth.

  • SOLUTION: The RMR® system was successfully used by INPEX and the slumping sands have been very stable. The top hole has become ‘routine’ drilling.

  • RESULTS: By using Enhanced Drilling’s RMR®, the well objectives were achieved without the extra time and cost of 20” casing. It also led to better control of the ECD as the RMR® pump lifted the mud and cuttings from the seabed.

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