Case Study: EC drill® Benefits Displayed on Shah Deniz

Drilling top-hole sections on the Caspian’s Shah Deniz field comes with significant challenges. Learn how EC-Drill® helps BP to successfully drill on the notorious Shah Deniz field, as well as which additional benefits BP experienced after implementing this solution. 

  • CHALLENGE: Number of pressure regime-related risks and difficulties associated with the region’s high pressure, unconsolidated sands.

  • SOLUTION: BP used a Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD)
    system called EC-Drill® to achieve its tophole objectives.

  • RESULTS: With EC-Drill®, the driller was able to offset the effect of cuttings loading and frictional pressure loss to keep the wellbore pressure within the pressure window during whole phases of the drilling operation.

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EC-Drill_-_Shah_Deniz_case_study-2-LOREM IPSUM